Cowboy Boots, What's Hot This Spring

Published: 03rd May 2011
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Cowboy boots are a fashion trend that never seems to completely disappear. In parts of the country, like the south, they're a fairly common sight. But even there and especially across the rest of the nation, cowboy boots can be a way to make your outfit stand out. They're sexy, sassy, and stylish, and go great with such a wide range of looks that you'll find yourself wearing them more often than you may guess. And they're available in a number of price ranges. Basic pairs can be purchased for a low price at a number of shoe stores such as Payless, but more durable boots with a wider range of material and design options can be found in more specialty stores and are worth the extra cash if you have it.

There are a few things to consider when you buy cowboy boots. For the upcoming spring, a few things are becoming more popular than others. Distressed leather is a big design factor in both men and women's boots this spring, giving new boots a worn in look. Colourful shafts are going to be in prominence, and women's boots commonly feature crosses or inlays. Women seem to be favouring pointed toes, while men's boots with a broader, square toe remains the most popular choice. And finally, today's boots are designed with comfort in mind and feature cushioned insoles and

As for your overall style and how a new pair of boots can fit into it, there are plenty of options. Your boots can be flaunted or hidden, tucking them underneath your jeans or tucking your jeans into them. With skinny jeans or leggings, your boots will be the focal point of your look so choose a great pair. Dresses and skirts look stunning with a pair of boots, and can give you a style that is sexy and playful at the same time. You can choose a high cut or low cut shaft, and each compliments different looks more successfully. This year, high cut boots seem to be the style.

Cowboy boots are one of those fashion trends that seem to rise and fall in popularity, but never go completely out of style. Each year celebrities and fashion queens step out in outfits that rely on a sexy pair of boots to highlight it. A quality pair will last you for years, even decades. And a couple of pairs that are different from one another in style and cut will ensure that you have a pair to match any outfit. In short, your entire wardrobe will benefit from a pair or two of stylish cowboy boots.

Rory Hamilton is a footwear expert who is currently researching what's fashionable in skecher shape ups

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